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      Hi All,

      Am looking to sign up for the June 2014 exams in London for CFA Level 1.

      Have looked through the main providers (Kaplan, BPP, Fitch Learning and ELAN). I find deciding on a training provider can be just as fickle as deciding whether to undertake the CFA in the first place.

      Couple of qu I hope you guys can help me with:

      1) Which study materials would everyone recommend aside from the main CFA textbooks and mock exams? I have cited Kaplan below but appreciate recommendations on alternatives.

      2) Are Kaplan Schweser and Kaplan the same? It looks like Kaplan Schweser notes can be sold separately on the US site. But the Kaplan London course also uses Schweser notes.

      Kaplan Schweser

      Kaplan London

      3) I have heard many just use Kaplan Schweser notes and the CFA material. If so, does anyone find the online video courses useful at all?

      Am highly likely to go for just the Essential Study Package, but wondering if the Premium Study Package would be worth it?

      Thanks all in advance.

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        I am new here and haven’t ordered 3rd party yet but I posted much of this on another discussion thread, thought I would repost my thoughts here as I am in the same process myself and we may get further help from others in addition, this may help you:

        I think those are the same company, just slightly different options on the UK site.

        After looking at the summaries on 300 hours, exploring the websites of the “big 3,” borrowing Schweser’s older material (2011), and having used the trial access to Elan, I have an idea of where to go. But let me give you what I’m thinking and maybe you can help steer me straight:

        I will be reimbursed for the cost of these materials so I am trying to focus on quality over value.

        Schweser’s books are solid, but after looking at Elan’s videos I am inclined to think they may have the best online video instruction. Fitch does seem quality but they also pricey and living in Arizona, I may not be able to take full advantage of what seems to be their emphasis: in person class/review. However, seeing as I am leaning so heavily on the CFAI books I thought maybe my best bet was Schweser as they offer 6 practice exams. I know we get one free exam from CFAI and I saw on your reviews and offers page BPP also is offering 1 free mock. Fitch and Elan only offer 3 mocks. So 8 total mocks is better than 5, right? I did see there are ways to buy mocks a la carte as well though.

        At this point I am leaning towards signing up for Schweser’s Premium and using the 3 day review online. I was leaning towards Elan but Elan’s website has me concerned about quality and the extra mocks seem important. Fitch is probably what I’ve researched the least so I’m open to ANY input anyone has. I’ll probably wait a few days and do some more research in the meantime. 😀

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