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      Hi – I’m registered for the L1 Feb exam in about 5 weeks – I’ve finished learning all the study material and beginning to dive into Kaplan and CFAi’s Question Banks. However, I’m finding the CFAi’s questions less direct with terms/ concepts and slightly more tricky in comparison to Kaplan (I find Kaplan’s questions much easier.) I also have access to Mark Meldrum’s site and QBank, which I find harder than Kaplan, but easier than CFAi’s bank.

      I was wondering if other people have thought the same and how they’re are or have attacked it during their studying? I’m assuming I should get more familiar with CFAi’s style considering they will be administering the exam.

      Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

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        I would prioritize CFAI’s qbank since they set the exam, seems like they are the middleground in terms of difficulty. Then would do some MM, and if I have time, Kaplan last. Rather be surprised that it is too easy, than too tricky in the real exams!

        May be worth checking out other providers as well that are offer free L1 question banks like Uworld, heard that you can customize difficulty in that and may be useful to replace that over Kaplan if you run out of questions.

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