CFA CFA Level 1 Shorter CFA L1 study time with existing FRM knowledge?


Shorter CFA L1 study time with existing FRM knowledge?

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        Hi, I was an FRM L1 candidate for May exam from India, but it has been deffered to November. I wanted to reguster for CFA L1 in August. Do you think I can prepare in 3 months given that there’s a 40% overlap in the syllabus of both FRM and CFA? What should be my study strategy?




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        Study strategy aside, CFA registrations for August 2021 are now closed, so you might not be able to carry out your exam plan.

        As for your original question, I don’t think it’s advisable to try and pass CFA L1 in 3 months off the back of your FRM knowledge.

        We recommend 6 months preparation, and even if you assume a pure 40% overlap, that’s 3.5 months, and that’s assuming you’ve completely mastered the relevant bits of FRM.

        Obviously you’re free to try (registration issues aside) but I don’t think it would allow you to maximize your pass chances.

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