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CFA L1 May 2022 Exam Registration

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        Hi Everyone. My query is regarding the exam registration. I intend to register for the exam in the last week of January for the L1 May exam. Since there’s this issue of scheduling the test center, is it possible that the test centers might get booked?  Please note that I am from somewhere where we have only one test center in the entire country. Is it possible to look at the test center status before I make the payment? I really don’t intend to travel internationally for my exam. Thanks.

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          In theory, everyone should get a place as CFA Institute adds new places and slots if they’re all booked up. This is what they will tell you if you ask them this question directly.

          In practice, they do do it, but obviously not flawlessly. Candidates do take a small, unavoidable risk the way it has been set up. I would advise you to aggressively search for places and book whatever slots that show up immediately.

          Good luck, and let us know how it goes!

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