CFA CFA Level 1 CFA July: Prometric Scheduling Error


CFA July: Prometric Scheduling Error

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      I have tried to schedule my CFA L1 July exam for over a month now, but every time I am redirected to the Prometric booking website, I am met with the following message “An error has occurred, please refer to your sponsor for additional information”. I have tried different devices, browsers, search engines and have attempted to load this page up to 50 times everyday, but to no avail. I have spoken on the phone to Prometric (their customer service call center has been very helpful) and they insist that this is an issue from CFA and that I need to call them to get a “eligibility number”?? No surprise but CFA has not responded to any of my 28 emails and I have waited on hold in call centers for up to 4 hours for no response. Today is the scheduling deadline for July and I still don’t have a test date 🙁 Any guidance or advice is welcome

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      Your Prometric eligibility number is your CFA Institute candidate ID. This should be in your registration confirmation email from CFA Institute.

      The numbers are transferred manually to Prometric from CFA Institute so they take 3 days to show up on Prometric, but given that you’ve been trying this for a month that’s clearly not your issue.

      I can think of three ways to try and resolve:

      • If your candidate ID isn’t working as an eligibility number online, maybe call Prometric and see if they can schedule you in manually?
      • Email CFA Institute documenting everything that has happened. Even if they don’t respond, at least you have a record of everything that happened, because under the terms if you don’t get your exam scheduled you forfeit your registration fee. Hopefully CFA Institute will sort you out when things are less busy.
      • If all else fails you can also use all this evidence to chargeback your fee if CFA Institute refuse to refund the registration fee.

      Hope it helps. Let us know how it turns out, so that we know how to help the next candidate!

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        Thanks for the advice. I spoke to Prometric again through their customer call center, and they were very helpful (I spoke to a representative within 30 seconds). They said that a lot of people have called with the same problem. Since CFA has started outsourcing them as a scheduling platform, candidates’ profiles are sometimes not being linked by CFA to Prometric, hence why my profile was not being found on the Prometric system. This is 100% a fault by CFA, and hopefully they will rectify the issue soon.

        • Zee Tan

          I put the question to our Instagram account and yes, we’re getting reports that loads of people have a similar issue.

          Would be great if you could keep us updated on what happens, and let us know if we can help in any way!

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      Sir i received same error can anyone tell me how to schedule exam because whenever I click on schedule exam i got “An error has occurred, please refer to your sponsor for additional information”. I have tried different devices, browsers, search engines even. Please help me on this


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