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Kaplan Schweser CFA Feb’22 materials availability

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        I am planning to take my CFA Level 1 in Feb 2022, and I really am keen to kick off my studies now (or latest 1st of July). I plan to study with Kaplan Schweser material, however, the latest syllabus is not available in the local distributor just yet (I am based in Singapore). I tried to contact the local Kaplan Schweser  Student Rep and they told me I can only buy the latest material after the Nov 21 exam, which will be too late.

        Should I proceed to purchase the old syllabus? If I should, what is the best way to have access to the newly added material (e.g. the readings)? Considering the hefty price tag and minor changes. Any advice?

        Thanks in advance,

        Lev 🙂

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          Hi @Lev

          You could try buying directly from Kaplan Schweser’s website rather than through a distributor. According to Schweser’s product availability schedule, most materials should be available by June/July 2021.

          I’ve also confirmed this with Kaplan Schweser’s helpline that they deliver to Singapore, so that should take care of any printed materials you want to purchase.

          Let me know if that worked out for you!

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