CFA CFA Level 1 Can I study for the CFA Level 1 3 months… While in Undergrad?

Can I study for the CFA Level 1 3 months… While in Undergrad?

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      Im going into my final year of Finance at Ryerson University in Toronto and am curious if id be able to fully study for the CFA Level 1 exam in time to write it by December 6th…
      I’ve allowed myself to take a lighter course load in in the upcoming semester so as to concentrate more heavily on studying for level 1.

      If anyone has studied for their CFA in a 3 month window and successfully completed their Level 1 exam id love to hear about some of your study habits and the level of difficulty in studying for it in a shorter than normal time window.


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      Check the details of the topics to be tested in the CFA L-1 Exam.

      If you feel comfortable with them, you can go for it.


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      @TjkRyersonIf you’re already doing finance, then you should be covering some of the topics discussed in CFA 1, though beware of depth and scope before you go skipping through certain things. You’ll need to be covering a lot of pages per day now to fit in the December 6th deadline, but it’s doable if you try hard enough (without neglecting one or the other and then failing both!). Beware of burnout.

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