CFA CFA Level 1 Are there courses for international students to preparate level 1 for june 2014?

Are there courses for international students to preparate level 1 for june 2014?

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      Hi, I am very interesting in becoming a candidate for june 2014 obviously level 1 as I am finishing my university studies this year (Business with Financial orientation)
      I am 23 years old and from Uruguay, South America .
      I was planning an end of grad trip with my friends to Europe in Summer 2014 and as i finish studying this year I started to look for international courses in Europe for the Level 1 CFA exam throughout the semester so I can go at the beginig of 2014 until june to study and then catch up with my friends for the summer. Does anyone know anything about this? and is it worthy to enroll up in a course or is it clearly a self study examen?
      Thanks to everyone and very happy to end up in this community.

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        @nsbolso18 hi there! Many people self-study but there are quite a few classes esp in UK if you’re looking at Europe.

        I don’t take classes myself but those I know who have do find it useful. Its a question of whether you think its worth the money.

        However I’m not sure if there are full-time courses…

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          @nsbolso18 BPP, 7city and Kaplan are the usual suspects. 7city is especially prominent in London.

          I’m guessing you’re set on having classroom courses. This limits your centers to certain cities though. London would be a safe bet, and you can get a 10% discount using our code (“300hours”) for 7city.

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          Hi @nsbolso18, welcome!

          If you’re planning to take CFA Level 1 in June 2014, there are classroom courses you can take (depending where in Europe you plan to be that time?), or you can always self-study. Depends on your style. Quite a lot of people here self study, with some using videos to help, some attending classes as well.

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          Thanks for the answers @sophie @hairyfairy, I made some research in the internet and found some courses that are in the official CFA webpage and some of them are full time courses (six months lenght two days classes per week which is more or less what im looking for) and most of them in london


          BPP Professional Education
          CfBS Center for Business Studies
          Fitch 7city Learning
          Global Banking Training
          Kaplan Financial – United Kingdom
          Quartic Training

          ever heard of them?


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