CFA CFA Level 1 Anybody used FinQuiz notes for level 1?

Anybody used FinQuiz notes for level 1?

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      Hi guys! I have signed up for the December 2014 CFA Level 1 Exam. I have the Schweser Notes. I am working full time and I have not been able to cover much. It’s going very slow for me! Been able to go through Readings 5 to 8 of QM and Readings 22 to 24 of FRA.
      The FinQuiz notes are shorter and I think I will be able to go through those and still have time for Revision.  

      So, what do you guys think of FinQuiz notes? Any reviews? Anybody has used them? Will Finquiz Notes + Qbank+ CFAI EOC Questions + Mock be enough? 

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      Hey Jess,
      I have used Finquiz qbank and viewed their sample notes. Here is my opinion: everyone learns differently, but for the most part, there are no short cuts. Ultimately you have to find time to cover the material one way or another. Schweser is already about as condensed as it can get w/o losing context. The approach I found most useful when things got slow is to leverage qbank by each LOS. This will promote a more active learning process and was, for me atleast, less painful (and more productive) than reading hundreds of pages. I would then go back and consult the notes as needed for further clarification. Hope this helps! FWIW, the finquiz sample notes look good too if you decide to go that route – just start putting the work in sooner than later and you’ll find a routine!

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      Hey @bostonCFA2014‌! Thank you so much for your reply!  Will definitely try to follow your tips to make the learning process more active and interesting! 

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