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Almost there L1’ers

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      Well 1 full day to go (it’s 20:30 here now). Took my second-last mock today (saved the CFA official one for tomorrow), having had 3 hours sleep last night, a blasted seizure* this morning before starting the mock and a headache all afternoon and still got 62.5%.

      Ethics and FRA weren’t good with mid to high 50’s, percentage wise

      I know I made some stupid errors from tiredness that have to be ironed out. 1 big day of revision on the the things I screwed up today plus the last mock and early bed, then my fingers are crossed, for all of us, not just me.

      A couple of things though:-
      I completed the mock today in 2hours 5mins for the ‘morning’ session, which I actually did at 13:00 till 15:00 and then 1hr 30 for the afternoon: 3hrs 35mins total.
      I know I’m going way too fast aren’t I?
      Secondly related to that nice little * up above. Will I have any chance to talk to the proctor about my epilepsy before the exam? I don’t really need anything other than leaving alone for 20 mins if another one does strike, but they should probably should know. I don’t remember if I put anything in my registration.
      I’ve managed to go a full week without one before today, but they have a bad habit of coming in clusters…

      EDIT to add:
      Interesting to see how I actually got exactly the same marks in FRA, Equity, Derivatives, Fixed Income and Alternatives on both the morning and afternoon and within +/- 1 question on Econ, Corp Finance and Portfolio Management. My working background seems to be showing though with mid-high 70’s % in Equity, Fixed Income, Portfolio Management and Alternatives…

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      In all honesty @jmsatchwellI did things a little differently.

      I missed the deadline I set myself to finish the study on time for reasons I don’t really want to get bogged down on here, so I then spent a couple of weeks re-reading each EOC summary re-doing every single EOC question (there’s 984 of them by the way). On the way I’ve studied my EOC feedback from the solutions and written consolidated notes of my cock-ups for easy re-reading just before the exam.
      Then I did a few Kaplan Q-Bank questions and todays structured mock was via @paulpassedtense‌.

      Actually I’m annoyed that todays Ethics section(s) yielded a result of under 60% as the EOC gave me 92%.
      FRA has also dropped frustratingly low as during my study period I was on 75-85% most of the way.

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      Howdy Maverick what program are you using for your practice test? I’m trying to gauge my scores with other people on this forum.

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      Yeah I’ve been really surprised with the differences between the practice tests. Ethics has historically been one of my strongest areas but this particular practice test is taking me to school. I found that EOC questions were far easier than the practice exam questions. I’m really sorry that you had an event happen that prevented you from sticking to your schedule. Pressure makes diamonds though I’m sure that you’ll come out on top. Best of luck. Hit me up if you have any questions.


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        @maverick be sure to get some good sleep before the exam! its equally important to the prep process. 

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