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Advice on Level 1 Retake

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        I did not pass CFA Level 1. I used Kaplan Schweser and spent well over 300 hundred hours preparing. I did the all the Kaplan quizzes and tests as well as mock exams (Kaplan and CFAI). The only thing I scored really well on the exam was ethics. I can retake the exam in May or November and am leaning towards November to give myself enough time to prepare.

        For those that have retaken an exam how did you approach it? What did you do differently? What would be the best technique for review and retention? I’m not sure at what intervals I should be reviewing materials. It just didn’t work for me to go through all the material (notes and videos), review and do mock exams. Things I understood prior I simply didn’t recall.

        Thank you in advance for your input.

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          It sounds to me that although you’re covering all of the material, you’re having issues with retention.

          If that’s the case, I would try and go through the material quicker this time, and allocate a good amount of time to having a quick review (providers sell quick-review guides specifically for this) and lots of mock practice.

          Good luck, and let us know if you have more questions!

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