CFA CFA Level 1 About the International Travel Passport and the level 1 CFA EXAM- URGENTLY

About the International Travel Passport and the level 1 CFA EXAM- URGENTLY

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        Hello, my name its Julio Molina de Moraes, im from Brasil (born here) and i have dual nationality (brasilian and spanish) because of my grandfather . I just have ONE International travel passport its from Spain, but the name written on the passport its my Spanish Name: Julio Ribeiro Estruch. When i took my dual nationality i need to register another name for use in the Spanish Citizenship, that used the second name from my grandfather that is Spanish.
        This passport is an Valid International Travel Passport , however i wanna know if i can use that passport to took the exam because i gonna do the exam here on Brasil. And i wanna know if i pass on the exams what name will appear, because here in Brasil my name is Julio Molina de Moraes. I dont have another International travel passport with the Brasilian name, so i wanna know if i have to take one International Passport from Brasil i can change sending one Name/Identification Change Form for CFA.
        Please i need to clarify those questions fast , thank you ! I send this message for the email of CFA and they didnt answer me, and i make one call and they told to me that i can make one Name/Identification Change Form … but i didnt recorded this call. Anyone have trouble like this ?/

        I need to know that fast because im doing the payment before September 21. Thank you !!! Waiting your response.


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          If you’ve not registered for the CFA exam yet (which I suspect you haven’t): register for the exam under the name that’s the same as the passport you plan to use. The names on your two passports are too different, so you CANNOT interchange between both passports. Either use Julio Molina de Moraes (Brazillian passport) OR Julio Ribeiro Estruch (Spanish passport). You can use your Spanish passport for the CFA exam in Brazil.

          If you’ve already registered for the CFA exam: do a name change, using this form:

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