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      I don’t know if u guys are permitted to spare this information, but my quiestion is:

      Are questions on exam divided by topics? I mean are there for instance 20 questions from Ethics then 40 questions from FRA etc.? Or these questions are mixed together?

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        The questions are split by topic in Level 1. L2 and L3 have vignette-style questions – a case to read, and 6 questions after each case, hence questions can involve multiple topics. So a split isn’t really possible in L2 and L3, but there are general weights CFAI will stick to. You can see them here:

        Topic Area Level I Level II Level III
        Ethical and Professional Standards 15 10-15 10-15
        Quantitative Methods 12 5-10 0
        Economics 10 5-10 5-15
        Financial Reporting and Analysis 20 15-20 0
        Corporate Finance 7 5-15 0
        Equity Investments 10 15-25 5-15
        Fixed Income 10 10-20 10-20
        Derivatives 5 5-15 5-15
        Alternative Investments 4 5-10 5-15
        Portfolio Management and Wealth Planning 7 5-10 40-55
        Total 100 100 100


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          The questions are split by topic with a contents page at the front stating which section begins on which page. Each new section states the title at the top followed by the questions also. So it’s very easy to determine which topic starts where and which questions relate to that topic :smiley: 

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