CFA CFA Level 1 300 hours of study

300 hours of study

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      Hi all,

      As recommendations are: you need around 300 hours of study.
      So how do you go about it: do you start timekeeping?
      Well myself I’m reading(will be reading) whenever I can…train, bus, at home, on car (if on passenger seat), on my lunch break, etc.
      But I don’t think I’ll keep a record of hours I spent on reading and understanding of the material.
      You know, some days you are more productive, and 3 hours of study are worthy, some other days, these 3 hours will be like 1 hour…..
      Just a thought…..

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      I think 300 hours is just an average number surveyed of study hours by CFAI. The idea is just to say it’s not an easy exam and it requires consistent work.

      I don’t think you need to keep track of hours per se, it’s more important that you keep track of your study schedule and stick to it. As you rightly said, quality beats quantity. When you’re in the flow, lots get covered in 1 hour, vice versa.

      So I’d go for goals/objectives-based. Map out your available time in the week and review the scope of what you have to study. Set a plan to finish clear, measurable goals each time to study, like X pages, or 1 study session etc.

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      No probs @altins! good to see you getting organised so early and thinking of the big picture already 🙂

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      Nice saying @Sophie.

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