CFA CFA Level 1 3-Day Review with Schweser

3-Day Review with Schweser

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      Hi- I have a question. Has anyone done the 3-Day review in person class with Schweser. When you sing up they send you some material. Do you suggesting reviewing the material before you get to class? or follow when you get there. i feel that i should go over the material before getting there.

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      Thank you. The course is in Houston.

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      Whether or not you get material beforehand depends on the instructor I think. I went 2 years ago in NYC and didn’t get anything before the class. Where are you taking yours?

      If they’ve given you slides or material I would look through it and prepare questions, but not in a hardcore way, just as much as time allows.

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      Just came back to this thread. What a shitshow the last few days have been with the coronavirus.

      Just wanted to say might be better to reschedule it to online.

      Stay safe.

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