CFA CFA General How does CFA Institute decide who to award Women’s Scholarships to?


How does CFA Institute decide who to award Women’s Scholarships to?

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      On what basis do we get or get rejected for women’s scholarship. I couldn’t find any particular criteria for selection.
      However, I read somewhere that it may be on first come first serve basis, is that true? In that case, do they disclose how many scholarships are they giving away?

      Apart from that, what has been the average period of this scholarship window, I’ve heard it closes really fast.

      I’m aiming to give Aug’22 Level 1 exam

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      • Criteria is subjective and up to CFA Institute.
      • It’s not on a first-come-first-serve basis, but rather it’s being considered on a rolling basis, i.e. applications are considered and awarded throughout the year. Theoretically anyway, since the Women’s Scholarship is currently closed until September.
      • They do not disclose the number of scholarships awarded.
      • What do you mean by ‘average period of scholarship window’? You usually have to register for an exam 12 months after being awarded a scholarship – more details will be included in your scholarship email.
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      I want to know about the requirements of the “Womans scholarship”. What kind of information I should provide i n order to get the scolarship?

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