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Withdraw from Level 1 Exam

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        Hello Everyone,

        I am in a bit of a soup. I tried to write to CFA Institute several times confirming my intention to withdraw from the July 2021 Level 1 Exam so that I can re-register for the November 2021 Exam. The timeline is as follows:

        4th July – Completed and Signed the CFA Level 1 Exam Withdrawal Request Form and e-mailed it to

        9th July – Forwarded the same e-mail to

        12th July – Follow up e-mail sent to both e-mail addresses requesting to withdraw from the July 2021 exam so that I can re-register for the November Exam.

        I still have not heard back from them. I have tried to call the 24hrs toll free numbers multiple times and even stayed on the line for 2 hours each time waiting for an agent to answer but no luck so far. I am really worried that due to no fault of my own I would not be able to register for the November 2021 exam as the deadline is the 20th of July. I can only re-register if they process my withdrawal request. I do not see any withdrawal option on the CFA website either.

        Does anyone have any thoughts on this? All this is really making me anxious.



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          The same problem….

          I sent a request to cancel the exam 4 days ago. I have not received any answer or withdrawal yet.

          Registration for the November exam ends on July 20.

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            The turnaround time of responses are the main issue here, but you’re doing everything correctly. Quoting CFA Institute:

            Withdrawal is not a self-service option right now, but candidates can withdraw by reaching out to our contact center. We disabled the self-service functionality because candidates were misunderstanding what it meant to withdraw and accidentally cancelling their registration. We hope to have the self-service functionality reinstated in the future.

            Some candidates have had luck calling up and getting the withdrawal processed on the spot, but otherwise it’s a waiting game.

            Unfortunately missing the 20th July deadline might be collateral damage, unless you can get CFA Institute to allow registration past the deadline (which they are allowing candidates awaiting May’21 results to do).

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