CFA CFA General Why did you choose the CFA? and what are the biggest challenges faced in studying for the CFA’s?

Why did you choose the CFA? and what are the biggest challenges faced in studying for the CFA’s?

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        Hi all, I am looking for some insight and opinions on the CFA’s.

        I’m a recent graduate electronic and computer engineer and currently work with a startup offering content for the CFA exams, and now, i’ve become interested in pursuing a career in finance, I have been advised to take on the CFA certification as I have free access to the content. But before I do so, I would like to understand what are your motivations for taking the CFA exams in the first place. I want to make sure I pursue this path for the right reasons.

        You may be thinking I haven’t quite thought this through, but quite frankly i’m extremely open minded as to what career path or jobs to pursue. But one thing I’m, always looking for is the ability to learn something new, something where there’s a benefit from linking the knowledge I have acquired in engineering and the prospect of knowledge in Finance (or any other field I decide on pursuing for that matter), and most importantly the ability to use the skills I learn in a flexible manner (by this I mean: I don’t necessarily want to work on a trading desk or as an analyst but rather, work on my own or with a small group, have a low capital requirement, or even blend the two disciplines together). What opinions would you have on the matter? Do you think this is the right path for me?

        Just as I have some personal motivations, what have been yours in choosing to take the CFA’s?

        If you’ve taken the exams, then I am also curious as to what are the biggest challenges were when studying for the exams?

        Looking forward to hearing from you all! 🙂

        P.S. This is my first post here, so apologies if I haven’t abided to the rules. But i will make sure to fix any issues which may arise.

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          Hi there, @gaviriar

          For myself, I first was a passive reader of markets during my time in Econ at the Uni and I slowly became interested. After graduating, from where I am, I was not able to get into a position where I can pursue this unless I had qualifications to prove I am able to have basic understanding of the financial markets. I also liked that markets and Econ just married. 

          The hardest part is financing it and studying for it. I have to make it work somehow.

          Pleased to be acquainted 🙂

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            Hey @gaviriar‌, welcome to the forum!

            As I’m in wealth management, being CFA qualified both helps ‘fill in the gaps’ in my day-to-day, and also helps raise my credentials in the office and with my clients. It also helps that my firm pays for the full course, and it’s something I can do while having a job (as opposed to an MBA). 

            I think the CFA will always be beneficial if you’re looking to have a strong grounding in finance and managing monetary assets in general (whether you do it on a personal level, or professionally).

            The biggest challenge for CFA is obviously how hard the exams are, and trying to do them while holding down your job. Still, I count myself lucky – some forum members also have to do it with young children to care for.

            There’s also a lot of stuff written on the site that may help you, here:

            and here:

            Hope that helps! 🙂

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