CFA CFA General When to Begin Studying – Part II

When to Begin Studying – Part II

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      You can find part I here

      Since I’ve taken so long actually responding to the numerous questions I will answers them below.

      Not telling. Only because my biggest failing was that I was sick. I can’t even recall what questions I had in the afternoon session.

      I believe that is more dependent on memory and how much I like the stuff that I am studying. I was flipping through the books and I tend to remember the theories it is the formulas that slip away first for me. I also study north of 400 hours for level two but I think this time around I will stick with the 300 hour guidance.

      thanks! I actually still experimenting with this type of study schedule. Since I have time I might as well figure out what is optimal for when I have to tackle level III. I am finding that is very helpful for formula recall small details that we have to be mindful of in financial reporting analysis.

      More to come. Just working out how to present what I have learned from the change of style.

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      Can’t wait @Sarah 🙂

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      @Sarah I also had problems with formulas at LI and LII (possibly LIII also, but hard to tell/I doubt it). As I was reading through materials, I wrote down every formula I came across under different section headings on A4 sheets so I ended up with a couple of small books of formulas, including proformas for FRA, espcially at LII. I also didn’t write them down necessarily in the CFA or Schweser (or BPP) format, but sort of made up my own shorthand which I would remember. Perhaps you have done similar? But that always seemed to work better to me than reading through lists of formulas in various materials.

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