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Unable to register for L2 November 2021

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      Hi everyone! I have been trying to register for CFA Level 2 November 2021. When I try to login, they say that my account has been locked since it has been inactive for a while (which is true, because I cleared Level 1 in December 2017 and then took a break). So I had to write an email to the CFA Institute for unlocking my account. I have written the email, tried to call them multiple times, but no response. The deadline for registering in 20 July 2021!

      Did anyone go through something similar and were they allowed to register after the deadline was crossed? Any tips/suggestions would be helpful.


      Thank you!

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      You’ll need to wait to get your account activated I’m afraid. Wait times are astronomical because of the recent changes and Covid, so it’s unlikely you’ll make the 20th July registration deadline.

      You can try calling them but wait times are about 2 hours long.

      Sorry I couldn’t give you better news!

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