CFA CFA General Three and a half weeks remaining…Advice please!

Three and a half weeks remaining…Advice please!

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      I’ve taken the whole of May off work to focus on studying for the Level 2 exam. But feel time is running out now. I am only managing to revise two readings on each full day of study.
      Done all EOCs questions and BBs for all topics in the lead up. Have done a second read on all the heavy topics (with Alternatives, Economics and Quant to go). Have yet to hit to mocks.
      Should I spend the rest of this week on Alternatives, Economics and Quant or hit the mocks straight away?

      Feeling the pressure, failed band 8 last time 🙁

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      Wow @Alta12, a whole month off is a lot of time. Lucky you 🙂

      Have you seen this post for a suggested plan for the last month?

      The idea is to intersperse your timed practice exams trials with the revision. Now that you’ve done most of it, it’s best to just go ahead and test yourself under timed conditions and see how you fare. Then spot your weak areas, revise them, and try papers again. Keep repeating until the end.

      Others may have good suggestions or share their last month plan too. Check out the CFA Level II and General section. Hope this helps!

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      Don’t worry @alta12, that’s why we have this community to help each other out!

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        Hi @Alta12, welcome to the forum!

        I failed Level 2 (unlike genius @sophie over here). I just bet bigger on everything the next time I took it – more time, more money spent on materials (some more useful than others), more desperation. It worked for me.

        At this point I’d say it would be a good idea to hit the mocks – you may find that your focus areas may not be Alternatives, Econs and Quants, in which case you’ve saved yourself some time.

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        Thank you Sophie and Zee!! It’s harder the second time, you start to have an element of doubt 🙁

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