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Studying for L2 before L1 results

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        Hi, I am looking for some advice regarding starting studying for L2 before my L1 results have been released.

        I wrote L1 in May and I feel confident that I have passed. I would like to attempt L2 in November as I am a full-time student, so I have the time to put in 3-5 hour days for CFA. I have gotten access to the Kaplan Jumpstart package for L2, and I want to start studying, however, I do not know where to begin. I have heard that Econ L2 builds on L1 regarding currencies etc., so that would be useful to study now and potentially gain a better understanding of currencies if at the end of the day I do not pass.

        Then again, I’ve heard that Equities is quite difficult so I thought it might be good to start with that so I have more time to practice.

        Any recommendations?

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