CFA CFA General Schweser questions seem too reliant on formulas and calculations?

Schweser questions seem too reliant on formulas and calculations?

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      Is it just me or do the CFAI questions seem less reliant on formulas and calculations? Especially in FR, i find schweser questions very calculate-heavy compared to CFAI…

      Also, Schweser’s LOS’s seem to leave out a lot of material….when i do the qbank, I find reading the LOS’s just doesn’t cut it because they leave out certain concepts that I need to refer back to CFAI for…

      Anyone else feel this way or is it just me?

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        I htought so as well. In CFAI questions you may get really straight-to-the-point questions like “What is concept X?” which you’re unlikely to get in Schweser. And the concepts may not be particularly mainstream either.

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        Nope, most of us feel the same too.

        hence, I always encourage candidates to try out different practice exams or mock papers by different providers, as there is a risk that you ‘get used’ to 1 style. And you’re right, Schweser’s questions are calculation focused, and trains you well for that no doubt, but can throw some off course when they see the more conceptual questions of others and CFAI. So I’d suggest to mix it up a bit in your final month practice exam prep to cover your bases.

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