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      I applied for the CFA level 1 scholarship for the February 2021 exam in September. I’ve not yet heard back and noted that the deadline for registration has changed (previously 7 December) meaning I have missed registration as I was waiting on feedback from my application. Can I still enrol for the Feb 2021 exam if I get the scholarship or if I don’t?

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      Hi @simba91 – when you applied for Access scholarship in Sep 2020, the original deadline for Feb21 exams were 3 Nov 2020 anyway, if memory serves me right.

      Although CFA Institute did subsequently change the Feb21 deadline to 7 Dec 2020, before quietly changing it again last week to 28 Oct 2020 in order to prioritize existing candidates. So unfortunately it looks like you cannot enrol in Feb21 exams at this stage, regardless the result of your scholarship application.

      However, it’s probably worth emailing CFA Institute to see if they would sympathize with your case or allow this, although our understanding from them is that Feb21 is extremely popular due to the exam cancellations.

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