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Salary and Assets in Access scholarship application

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      I’m trying to apply for the Access scholarship for CFA L1, and it is asking me to enter approximate income. However, I am still a student and do not hold any assets or have a salary. Am I supposed to factor in my parents’ salary and assets?

      Our house, owned by my parents, was bought on loan and the loan is not fully paid off. Should I still consider the full value in net assets?

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      Hi folks, I have the same issue, if anyone from the community could clarify, that would be great!

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      Accepted answer

      I think it’s a matter of interpretation.

      1. Parents salary: I would include this. My reasoning is that students of affluent parents should have less of a need for an Access Scholarship.
      2. Assets/house: Net equity on the home (i.e. value of home – amount owed in the loan) should be reasonable.

      Hope that helps!

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