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Reschedule March 2021 exam

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        Hi all ! I have already took the appointment for my March 2021 CFA level 1 exam. Thus I took it in Belgium since no place in Paris was available … but since then i cannot go anymore because of COVID restrictions ! We are 20 days left from the exam date and I really need some help to reschedule the exam on May 2021 in Paris this time (without paying more fees of course since I couldn’t anticipate the COVID restrictions…)

        please tell me ASAP if you have any info about this ! Thanks in advance

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        Yikes, what a bummer @marty97

        You should be able to change location or exam date WITHIN your March testing window for a reduced $25 fee. You cannot reschedule to May21 at this time as changes to another exam cycle isn’t currently allowed.

        To do this, just login your CFA Institute account and click on the candidate tile to see your options.

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