CFA CFA General Request for 2023 CFA Program Curriculum PDF File.

Request for 2023 CFA Program Curriculum PDF File.

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        I am Kenil Bhayani, from India. I am a CFA Level 1 November 2023 aspirant.

        I wanted a small help; if you could send (mail) me the CFA Program Curriculum PDF files you must have received when you had registered for any of the 2023 attempts(Feb, May, Aug or Nov) at the email id-
        Apart from this I would also appreciate any tips, tricks, advices for my CFA Level 1 November attempt, do hmu.
        I would also be happy to connect and make study groups with you for the November 2023 attempt.
        Hope you have a great day ahead.

        Thank you,
        Kenil Bhayani.

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