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Related but not required readings

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      Wanted to hear your opinion regarding readings that are related to CFA exam materials but not required. For example, I bumped into a nice short article on GDP in a recent Economist magazine, which I could very much relate to my study of Reading #17 for L1 (on macroeconomics). For anyone who’s interested, here’s the link:

      It took me about 15 minutes to read it (in a more leisurely pace), and it helped set the concept of “GDP” in a more concrete context. Definitely added value to my understanding of a small piece of CFA material. I plan to keep reading the Economist as it brings so many related “business, finance & economics” topics, and at the same time I can test my understanding of the subjects that are covered in the exams.

      I wanted to hear your thoughts regarding this: do you think such “diversions” are valuable or are they more like a distraction from the core material that needs to be mastered?

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      If they help you understand the concepts, then they are valuable. But be wary of spending too much time reading things that aren’t going to be tested.

      The CFAI books have ‘optional reading’ sections for the same reason. I couldn’t tell ou what these were about though as I skipped them due to them not being on the exam.

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      @edulima: I used to read such articles when studying for L2. Surely a good leisure read. I used to see it as a break time read so it would not eat up my CFA time, but at the same time help me better connect the theoritical concepts learnt in a more practical manner.
      This has definitely helped me in L3.
      So my take would be unless you spending too much time on these articles (which I assume you are not since 15 mins on the article is worth it!!), go for it.

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        The CFA publications are also quite good background readings, analysing current affairs and bringing the risk mgmt view into it. You need to be members though I think – I just grab copies from the office 🙂

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