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Passport & Ticket Match

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        A heads-up to the 300 Hours community,

        If your middle name is on your passport (which if it’s a US passport like mine, it probably is) but not on your ticket, fill out the information change form (, scan your passport, and send that off to the email address listed on the bottom of the form. Good news is you can fill out the form electronically then “print” it as a PDF so you don’t have to go and print it if you don’t have a printer.

        I filled out the PDF electronically and scanned the passport using Genius Scan (an app I recommend downloading), and just got an email from CFAI saying my new exam ticket will be ready within 24 hours (turnaround time of 2.5 hours from my emailing forms to confirmation email). Wanted everyone to be aware as middle name may not seem like a big deal, but CFAI is very particular as I’m sure we’re all aware.


        Le Chiffre

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          Good stuff 😉

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            This has honestly saved my bacon. Got in contact and it was an issue so hopefully i’ll get it sorted now!

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