CFA CFA General Never Received $50 Amazon Gift Card After Completing CFA Survey

Never Received $50 Amazon Gift Card After Completing CFA Survey

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      Did anybody receive an email around the beginning of April 2022 about receiving a $50 Amazon gift card for completing a “short” CFA survey?  I ended up completing the survey in about 40 minutes and it has been well over 3-4 weeks so I do not understand why I have never received it.

      I tried emailing 300Hours but they never replied so wasn’t sure what their contact details were.  It is highly upsetting to receive fake promotional surveys from 300Hours that phish for your personal contact information and current CFA exam status/study providers to not even at least deliver a crummy $50 Amazon gift card for completing the survey in the first place.

      I hope somebody on the 300Hours ‘team’ looks into this.

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      Hi @roshicb, hope you’re well! Sorry you’re experiencing this, let me check with our partner who did the survey. We usually work with quality partners only and they may have a minimum period post survey before sending the gift card. I’ll get back to you on this ASAP once I hear back from them.

      We do receive a lot of emails daily, and we are a small team managing this site, so please bear with us 🙂

      Thanks for your patience.

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      I’ve actually had the same thing happen to me and tried sending a few reminder emails to the 300Hours team but never received a response back.  You are not alone roshicb.

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