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      Do you listen to music while reading/practicing questions?
      Suggest your favorite Monotonous Music!
      this is one of my favorites :smiley: 

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        I’ve found game soundtracks to help a lot when working – I’m into Mario Kart Wii music at the moment, haha.

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        @d3v1l_dare‌ Definitely not the TV! I find that music that is too involving will make your mind wander. Personally, if the missus is watching the TV, I’ll brave the 38 degrees and 75% humidity for a couple of hours outside as the sound of the Abu Dhabi roads are actually quite easy to tune out entirely.

        In all honesty, I understand the need for some to use music as a relaxer, I’m also an amateur DJ and love music, but I cannot concentrate with it. Give me a busy main road or total silence any day.

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        Yes we do @d3v1l_dare‌ !

        I love your suggestion! 

        @zee and @christine prefer classical music and soundtracks from the major films – all detailed in this post. We also have a whole section on study music here 🙂

        Me on the other hand, I only work with ambient sounds (here’s a few apps with cool ones), else I’ll be singing along and not revising! Easily distracted I know… 😉 

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