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Mock Exam vs. Real Test

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  • fp92

    Hi all, just curious if anyone can share their experience on what they think of the mock exams vs. the real test? 

    I’ve done 1 CFAI paper so far (2013), and scored 57% in AM, 62% in PM. I get that it’s hard to judge/compare the ‘difficulty’ of the paper, but I was wondering if the mock exams are harder than the actual exams, or is this what should be expected on the test day?

    Thanks so much in advance!

    Sophie Macon

    Hey @fp92, as you said it’s hard to compare difficulty as it’s different to everyone depending on your topic strengths.

    That said, to be useful, in my case I remember that CFAI mocks felt ‘different’ to 3rd party provider practice papers, in the sense that the latter had more calculation-based questions, but it wasn’t less trickier. I felt CFAI mocks represent the actual paper quite well, whilst some 3rd party provider papers could feel more difficult in general. 

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