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Looking to change from Software Industry to Finance

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      Hi Folks ,

      Just wanted to know whether is it viable to enroll for CFA Level 1 as i am a s/w engineer with around 1 year of experience now, as my aspiratrions is to work for any good finance firm as i rate good myself in mathematics stuff and all.

      just curious to know whether clearing CFA Level1 open any good job opportunities?

      Thanks in advance

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      thanks for replying, just wanted to be more clear about the job prospects after clearing level1 , i mean just wanted to know the efficiency rate of people from non finance background that clears the L1 and then switch around their careers .

      My Execution plan as of now is :-
      1. to enroll for cfa L1 and try to crack it
      2. after clearing level 1 finding good job where i can be paid handsomely that will keep me motivated for clearing l2 and give me experience in finance and most importantly getting me out of this shitty IT job.

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      Hello @ayush1611, welcome to 300HC!

      As long as you have a Bachelor’s degree you can enrol for the CFA exams.

      For CFA Level 1 clearance, it certainly differentiates you from other applicants, but getting a role is not just that, it largely depends on your interviewing skills too, and how well you can convince a potential employer that you’re perfect for the role. I’d say it helps, but there are other factors that are required for securing finance roles.

      Here are a couple of useful discussion threads about engineers transitioning into finance, hope you find them useful:

      1. What are the prospects of engineers transitioning into finance?
      2. Engineer to finance
      3. @sharmarahool is a software engineer who worked in financial services for 7 years, and would have some perspective to add
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