CFA CFA General Level I Exam Prep – Is Kaplan Schweser enough on it’s own???


Level I Exam Prep – Is Kaplan Schweser enough on it’s own???

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        Hello everyone,

        First time posting, so my apologies if this question has already been asked elsewhere – couldn’t not find it. Started studying for Level I and was wondering if simply using Kaplan Schweser by itself is considered enough to pass, or is it recommended to also read all of the reading from CFA Institute separately/use their Learning Ecosystem too. My plan was to work through all of Kaplan Schweser, and then use the CFA Learning Ecosystem for additional practice questions. Has anyone else employed this strategy before (or something similar), or can anyone comment on the whether or not Kaplan Schweser is comprehensive enough on its own?

        Any and all responses appreciated!


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        Hey @11silviop, welcome!

        Yes, Kaplan Schweser itself is an all inclusive third party study material provider. I used it myself when studying (and passed) the CFA exams years ago.

        There wasn’t a CFA Institute Learning Ecosystem in my days (I assure you I’m not that old 🙂 ), however, I do find the end of chapter questions useful, so I would use the CFAI learning ecosystem as a secondary reference resource. Your plan sounds like a good one.

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