CFA CFA General If taking the CFA exams at the Javits Center, NYC, you can order a delivered lunch on exam day!

If taking the CFA exams at the Javits Center, NYC, you can order a delivered lunch on exam day!

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    Hey lovely forumers!

    Just a quick PSA: If you’re looking for an easier alternative to get lunch on CFA exam day this Dec in NYC, and possibly can’t be bothered with packing your own lunch, there will be a sandwich-order service provided this year. You preorder online (at least 1 week before) and pick it up at lunchtime during exam day. The price is $19 for a sandwich, chips, fruit and a drink. You can find out more and order here:

    We sent Custom Gourmet a quick FAQ as well:

    1. Is this the first time you’re doing this for the CFA exams? Yes. The CFA Institute heard about how successful it was at the Bar Exam and reached out to try to replicate it for the CFA so we are collaborating with them on it. Test-takers have had bad experiences in the past waiting on long lines for limited lunch options or having to travel out of the Javits Center to McDonalds or Subway (the only options close by) and waiting on 45 minute lines there so the CFA Institute wanted to improve that experience for the test takers to give them more time to relax and/or study during the lunch break.
    2. How long have you been doing this for other exams (you mentioned the bar exam, for example) and how has the reception been? The reception from the bar exam was really terrific. Students uniformly were very happy to get their lunch quickly and the food was tasty. The Bar Exam has already been in touch with us to do it again next year.
    3. $19 seems a bit steep. Can you talk a bit more about that? This price includes a sandwich, drink, chips and a drink. If a test-taker tried to buy these items from the Javits Center individually it would be as much. In this case, the test-taker is also getting expedited pick up.
    4. Would the queues to pickup be long as well? We have a bunch of experience managing this. We will have numerous stations set up so no person will have to wait for more than a couple of minutes at most.
    5. What happens if there was a mixup on the day itself? Is there a chance that as a candidate I might be left without lunch? No. We always have extra sandwiches in case there are issues.
    6. What’s your best-selling sandwich? We recently updated our menu based on feedback we got from customers (we added a vegan option, for example), but for the Bar Exam, 45% of people ordered the Turkey Sandwich and 32% ordered the Cobb Wrap.

    Any questions just mention @ScottEvans and he should be able to answer them directly – hope this helps some of you get fed on the day itself!


    Is anyone from NYC going for this (the lunch, not the exam!)?

    Zee Tan

    Hi all – a reminder that you should sort out lunch for the day! For NYC, packed lunches are orderable again from the same supplier, if anyone is keen to get one.

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