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I need help, I am very scared

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        Hi, I am enrolled for the February 2022 exam, I am preparing for this exam for a year.
        I have a feeling that I will fail this exam and my guilt is that I have spent somewhere close to 2000 dollars for this including tuition fees, materials etc.
        I took two mock tests and my average score was 50 percent, which is quite bad.
        I feel like if I fail this exam, all the money I have spent will be wasted and I don’t think I will be writing the exam once again if I fail this.
        I was consistently studying for 6 months, until one day I took a break and that lasted for 4 months straight, now I don’t feel like studying, even if I sit in front of the books are PC I don’t want to study, my mental health is affected by this and this feels very heavy.
        I come from a lower-middle-class family in India, this type of money is quite a big deal and my failure feels like a waste of money.
        I have learnt so many things from this course it is helpful for my job too and I have done the investment foundation program too.
        I don’t know what is the real value of what I know, it is not tangible, honestly, I am very much interested in finance and my specialization in college was also finance, I got a 9 CGPA.
        This feeling of me losing money feels heavy, I am trying to push myself every day I feel tired.
        I want to know, how much of what I know is worth in monetary terms, it would make me feel better so that I can work and earn the money.

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          It’s a tough situation you’re in – I hope you feel better mentally soon.

          Speaking honestly, if you’re scoring 50% on your mocks it’ll be challenging to pass, but I suggest that you give it a shot anyway. That way you have some experience in sitting for the real exam, and would be better prepared if you choose to continue this.

          There isn’t a way to estimate the monetary value of your efforts, but any effort to upgrade yourself is always beneficial.

          Hope you feel better soon.

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