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How to pass any CFA exam

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        That title is misleading because this is a necessary, but not sufficient condition… actually, it’s not necessary in the strict sense, but it is very, very advisable.

        My advice is: Show up on time.

        Somewhere in the archives of this site is my description of my experience with the 2013 exam. Basically, events conspired against me. The day started with daughter waking me up at some ungodly hour and went downhill from there. Not least among the myriad things that went wrong, CFAI decided (in their infinite wisdom) that the testing centre they’d been using in Toronto for years with absolutely not problems should be replaced with an inconveniently-located site with multiple buildings and staffed by parking lot attendants who seemed wholly unaware of which candidates should be in which building (seriously, they had ONE JOB). Additionally, we were literally next to the airport and in the landing path, so we were regaled with the sounds of jet engines for 6 hours. Long story short – it was a shit show. (Forgive my North American expressions, I guess people in the UK would be more familiar with shite show).

        Anyway, I ended up getting to the exam room door at approximately 8:31am and was on the outside looking in. Then I got caught up on a stupid question with what turns out what a bit of gimmick answer and had to rush the rest of my answers in an effort to even come close to finishing. Not surprisingly, my great afternoon score was not able to make up for my dismal morning score was dismal. So it is not ridiculous to say that I’m resitting the exam because I was late (however much it was totally not my fault).

        So don’t be late. And if you’re going to be late for any session, make sure it’s not the morning session of the Level 3 exam.

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