CFA CFA General How to Decide Between CFAI and CFA Third Party Materials

How to Decide Between CFAI and CFA Third Party Materials

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        How to Decide Between CFAI and CFA Third Party Materials

        By Sophie, Regular Contributor Once you’ve evaluated the merits of the CFA qualification , and finally got down to registering for the exams , a bigger decision looms – should you use CFA Institute…

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        A safe pair of hands

        From CFA® Level I, to CFA® Level II, all the way through to CFA® Level III, place your studies in safe hands.

        Unlike other providers, BPP Learning Media’s CFA® study materials have been written to support the CFA Institute’s curriculum. So, with your Readings supplied by the CFA Institute, and BPP study materials you have everything you need to pass the examinations – first time.

        At BPP we recognise that candidates learn in different ways and one size does not fit all learning styles or budgets. That’s why at BPP we allow you to pick and choose the resources most suited to you:

        Study Guide – Organised into manageable study sessions to help students navigate through the Program curriculum, highlighting important areas and providing continual question practice throughout

        Calculator Guide – A comprehensive guide to using the Texas Instruments BAII Plus Professional Calculator

        Essential Formulas – A comprehensive listing of the core formulas needed to be successful in your CFA® examinations
        Half-Way There Mock Exam – Designed to test you on 50% of syllabus. Provides essential early exam technique practice.

        Practice Examinations – Three exam-standard 6-hour exams for each level will ensure you are completely comfortable with the entire exam process before sitting the real exam
        Passcards – Over 1,500 pictorial summaries of each and every Reading, providing a portable revision tool

        Question Bank – A bank of over 1,800 questions that allows students to test their knowledge retention of each Reading

        Study Session Maps – These maps condense each study session into visual summaries to help keep you focused on the most essential areas

        If you book a course with BPP these learning materials will all be included. Find out more here:

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