CFA CFA General How I Resolved My CFA Scholarship Discount Issue

How I Resolved My CFA Scholarship Discount Issue

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        Hello folks,

        I wanted to share my recent experience with resolving a scholarship discount issue for the CFA exam, hoping it might help others facing similar challenges. Before everything, avoid changing your payment method during the checkout process, as it can revert your fee to the full amount without discount!!

        I was awarded the CFA Program Student Scholarship, but the discount wasn’t applied when I tried to register, because I had changed my payment method mid-process.

        I emailed and cc’d with my name, email address, CFA Institute ID, and scholarship details. Amazingly, CFA Institute’s Customer Care responded within an hour and re-applied my scholarship.

        If you face a similar problem, contact them quickly with your details. But remember, once you reach the payment stage, stick to your chosen method to keep the discounted rate.

        Best of luck to everyone and myself, and I hope this helps!


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