CFA CFA General How do you keep yourself motivated?

How do you keep yourself motivated?

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      Im preparing for CFA level 1 exam in Dec. I generally manage to put in an hour everyday covering new ground and another hour revising what I have already learnt. Weekends I keep myself free for the family. So in no way am I overstudying 🙂 but since past two days, everytime I open my books I feel like dozing off.
      I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions/tricks for keeping oneself motivated. Especially people who are juggling a job and CFA prep (btw I do not have a job, but I take care of my 2 month old and five year old, and that keeps me busy most of the day)

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      Hi @shchan, well done for starting your Dec preparation so early.

      Couple of ideas:

      • Think of the big picture – what motivated you to do the CFA, e.g. for your career/young family. Place motivational images in a place you can see, e.g. computer or clipboard
      • Set up a routine to study on weekdays (same time/same place etc). Once it’s a habit, it’ll feel like something you have to do daily like brushing teeth.
      • Set clear measurable goals daily, e.g. I will read X pages today, or 1 study session. Ticking off that daily list motivates you as you can clearly see progress. Sometimes it’s as simple as ticking off things in your to-do list.
      • Rewards – set up nice little things that you look forward to after your finish studying, as a reward. It could be spending time with your children, going out for dinner or movie, a walk in the park with your children etc.
      • Have something nice before starting revision – in a way, a mini reward or motivation boost, such as a nice cuppa coffee.
      • Minimise distraction around the study area during revision, or let your children know (the 5 year old one at least), that you need to study so that you can spend time with him/her later, etc. It’s hard to focus when things are chaotic, and it’s easy to get demotivated when you don’t reach your target for the day
      • Hope something resonates!

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      Plausible comments.

      , yes, I understand you frustration…I have a f/t job, family(inc. two kids) and I know how hard it is/will be.
      It is a goal we “volunteered” to achieve….so we will.
      As for time, how about evenings, when kids are asleep.
      Maybe not the best time, but you will see progress.

      Hope you will find your way around.

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      @shchan, @altins – you guys are definitely not alone.

      , @Kate and @Patty are parents too, juggling work, family and the CFA at the same time. CFA and parenting is definitely not easy, hats off to your determination and we’ll do all we can to ease the CFA side of things for you here.

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      @Sophie @ altins
      Thanks for your suggestions. Some of them are indeed helpful

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