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“Something went wrong” when registering for CFA exam

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      I can’t register for the Level 1 exam in November. When I click on the payment button I get the message “something went wrong”.

      CFA Institute are non-responsive via email or phone.

      What can I do? Does anyone else have the same problem?

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    • Zee Tan

      Looks like a generic error that you’ll have to follow up with CFA Institute. Email them including your Error Tracking Reference Number.

      This video might also help as it describes a similar issue:

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      Accepted answer

      Have you tried registering:

      • In a different browser (i.e. switch between Safari, Chrome, Edge?)
      • In an incognito tab?
      • With a different device/laptop/tablet?

      Hope this resolves it, let me know how it turns out.

      If you still run into problems, it would be useful to have a screenshot showing your issue.

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      Hi mikey

      I did all of these but i have the same message:

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      Hello guys! Hope you are doing well


      I am facing the same problem, did you solve it?

      I already sent 4 e-mails to CFAI but no responses.

      It’s very sad

      Thanks in advance

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