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Help! New York exam centres – December 2019

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        Good day,

        I am scheduled to sit CFA L1 exams in December 2019 and will be travelling to New York from the Caribbean. As you all know, the prices of hotels tend to go up as the times gets closer. I wrote to the CFA institute recently, asking for the location of my exam centre early, so I can make the relevant bookings. However, the earliest they told me they can release the information is November, which may be too late.

        To my New York colleagues who have sat, or sitting exams, where is the most centralised location I can book a hotel by, so I’m accessible to all locations that exist in the area?

        Hoping you can also share some of the locations you’ve written in NYC so far.


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        A big one is the Javits Center which is on Eleventh Ave between 34th and 40th I think. But it’s not guaranteed, you might get a smaller test center elsewhere. Best bet is to go for Javits, or if you’re organized, book cancellable rooms in multiple locations, choose the best one when the time comes, and cancel all others.

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          I don’t think they do Javits anymore. It’s a crapshoot these days, so if you must find a place nearby then book a few places and cancel as the other guy said. If you know someone would be much cheaper to crash there and take transport to wherever your test center is.

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