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Getting started on L2

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        Since I’m already in a study mode, I would like to start sooner rather than later reading the curriculum for L2. Problem is you don’t get it until you sign up and you can’t sign up until the test results come out. Anybody know of a way to get access to it?

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          @ensenmason‌ i would say – relax!

          don’t rush for level 2. it’s HUGE and very taxing. you may get burned out very quickly if you hit books now especially after June L1 attempt. had it been December L1 attempt then yes by all means start studying. but till the results come wait.

          if you still want to go through then go over Inventory , Lease chapter from FSA, Ethics Standards, fixed Income, equity, Corp fin, PM basics, . do those topics that carry forward to Level 2 so you refresh through it. BUT now going through books, don’t start checking and thinking about what questions you got in exam and might have got wrong! nothing worse than hitting panic button especially when you can’t even do anything about it now!

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