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      I want to ask you some questions
      1) Is there a time frame limit of 2 years in order to pass all 3 levels?? ( For example if you pass CFA 1 in December 2016 you should complete CFA until December 2018?)
      2) During the exams are you allowed to use a scientific calculator, a pencil and a piece of paper for the required calculations?

      Thanks a lot

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      Hi hairyfairy!

      Thanks a lot about your time and your quick and enlighting responses!
      Do they provide to you with a piece or two of paper for taking notes or doing calculations? I suppose they do..
      After your post all sounds more easy or at least not so anxious. I was just misinformed about both the time frame and the calculators issue. 🙂


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        Hi @Ioannis_Moumtsakis!

        1. No time limit. Take as much time as you need.
        2. You get a choice of two approved calculators. See this guide to choosing what’s best for you:

        You can bring pencils in but no extra paper. Official list and recommendations:

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          you get a question book and scantron for answering the question. you can write on the book. to be honest i did very little writing. I was either using my calculator or it was qualitative in nature.

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