CFA CFA General FMVA and CFA: how to do both together


FMVA and CFA: how to do both together

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      Is it a good idea to prepare for CFA and FMVA together? How much time do I contribute to each in that case?

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      Hi @aveksharaina, it may be best to focus on one qualification at a time. However there may be opportunities to slot FMVA in between your CFA levels depending on when you schedule your next CFA exams.

      FMVA itself is a pretty involved course, requiring 120-200 hours on average. Personally I would approach them separately, in order not to confuse the CFA and FMVA syllabus (if there are conflicts).

      For example, if you sat for CFA Level 1 (e.g. May), and are waiting for results (6-8 weeks), it may be worth considering if you can complete FMVA in between CFA levels. This assumes you’re not aiming to register for the following CFA exam within 6 months (e.g. Nov21 CFA Level 2), as they do get more intense as you progress to Level 2 and Level 3 and you’ll need all the study time you can get. Aiming for the next available level after results realistically would give you about 4 months study time, which would be tough for Level 2 and 3 if combined with a full time job.

      Alternatively, you could always do one type of exam after the other. If you feel studying and passing for the FMVA now would improve your career prospects, it may be worth passing that first, before the multi-year program of getting your CFA charter.

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        Thanks for the reply. I am going to take the cfa level 1 in feb’22. What if I prep for fmva simultaneously, but take it slow? Since I have access to the course material for 2 years? I want to switch to finance and right now I am working as a marketing assistant. I have literally no experience with finance.

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