CFA CFA General Exams during lok sabha elections

Exams during lok sabha elections

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        Dear Sir/Madam,

        This is in reference to the above captioned subject; I have applied to appear for CFA Level 1 which is going to be held on 15-21st May 2024. As you must be aware that election commission in India has recently released the schedule for lok-sabha 2024 elections which are going to be held from 19th April 2024 to 1st June 2024 and the results for the same shall be declared on 4th June 2024. It is pertinent to note that during this whole period of elections, “model code of conduct” will be applicable throughout the country and there are a lot of restrictions relating to inter-constituency travel and various checks and passes shall be required to move from one constituency to another.

        I am a resident of Jagdalpur(Bastar), Chhattisgarh and nearest examination centre is in Raipur, Chhattisgarh which is 300 kms away from my residence and in order to appear for the upcoming examination which are to be conducted in between this election period, I will have to face a lot of difficulties, some of them are listed below for your reference:

        1. The law enforcement agencies (Police) conducts through checking while crossing the boundary of a constituency and this process is repeated at every check post during this time. (Since this area is affected by naxalites)

        2. A person is not allowed to remain in a constituency which is not his or her voting constituency.

        3. Frequent surprise checks and raids are performed by the police officers in hotels and guest houses to check for people from other constituencies.

        All though the above measures are taken by the police and other agencies to ensure a free and fair electoral process in India but on the other hand the same causes a great deal of trouble to those who travel from one constituency to another. In view of the same, most of the prestigious institutes who had scheduled their exams in the month of May have postponed it by a month to June 2024, hence, I request you to kindly take note of the hardships that me and my peers would face and consider postponing the exams by a month so that all this trouble can be avoided and students can appear for the exams in a peaceful manner. I am attaching excerpts from the Model code of conduct issued by the election commission for your reference, an early action on this plea would be very much appreciated as I would have to make suitable travel arrangements accordingly.

        Thanks in advance


        Neha Bajpai

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