CFA CFA General Do you find the tagging feature useful?

Do you find the tagging feature useful?

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        We’re still on the fence on whether tagging is worth the trouble – it leads to a slightly messy sidebar where we could utilize the space better! What do you guys think – do you use the tagging feature?

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        Hmm – did some SEO research and still undecided. My main gripe is that the tags take up too much space on the left panel, where we want to put the exam dates information 😀

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        @diya Currently tags are still enabled, but the tags don’t show at the side. We’ll keep it this way for a while and see what happens. Meanwhile, tag away! 🙂

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        @christine do the tags have to show up on the side? I think the tag function would be useful if someone wants to search if there is a question already up concerning a particular topic instead of having multiple threads about the same concepts. I think tagging would be more user friendly when the community gets bigger?

        I actually worked on a SEO project for American Express =D

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        We need tagging for SEO optimization?

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