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    • Jim

      There seems to be some pretty important corrections to the CFAI materials and I suppose I am curious as to exactly when CFAI actually completes the battery of questions for the exam–and whether topics with large enough errors become less likely to be included. For example there is a pretty important omission of joint venture accounting treatment in the Level II books. I obviously know we are responsible for all LOSs, but I am now paranoid that I should be checking the CFAI errata page daily (something I never did at Level I). Any guidance here?

    • Reena

      I know what you mean @Jim‌. I’m a Level 3 candidate and so far I didn’t bother much with checking the errata. I only do that when I get types of questions wrong in practice (consistently). It’s also because I use third party books instead of CFAI ones…

      In short, I’m paranoid but don’t have time to be checking that I suppose!

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