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Exposed to Covid positive contact 14 days before CFA exam day

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      The CFAI covid procedures states – If you have been exposed to someone diagnosed with COVID-19 in the 14 days leading up to your exam appointment you must not report to the test center on your exam day. Instead, contact us for more information.

      One of my friends tested positive today and my exam is in July within 14 days of his test result. (I am not having any symptoms yet)

      I am writing a mail to CFAI about this, but since they will take a long time to reply, I wanted to ask a few things here.

      Would I be deferred to another window?

      Do I need to provide any documents?

      What to do if CFAI doesn’t reply before my exam date?




    • Zee Tan
      Accepted answer
      • Yes, you should be deferred to another exam window.
      • It’s not clear whether proof is required, since it would be tricky to prove that you were in contact with them. But I would try to gather as much evidence proving your friend’s positive test result and any proof that shows you were exposed to your friend.
      • CFA Institute may not reply before your exam date so we do have to trust them to sort it out 😕

      Good luck, and let us know how it turns out?

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      Hi ,


      I came in contact with one of my family member who tested positive for covid , I immediately isolated myself although I had few signs. Right now I tested negative for the virus but my exam is due on 18th july. which is just 14th day since my isolation period . Sent tons of mails and made many calls to the institute but not getting any response. What should be my next step ?

      • Zee Tan

        There are a few options you have:

        • Wait for CFA Institute to reply to you, and defer your exam under the “14 days exposed to Covid” exception.
        • Test yourself the day before the exam, if it comes out negative and it’s the end of your self-isolation period, you should be good to go for the exam.
        • If you test positive, don’t show up but send your positive test result to CFA Institute and request a deferral.

        Alternatively, as @appendix says, you could try calling them directly to request for a deferral.

        Hope that helps, let me know how it turns out!

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      Just let me know if you got any resolution as both of us are on the same page . I am really concerned as my Exam is in couple of days.

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      Called CFAI India helpline (call them and don’t hang up I waited for 2 hours).

      They didn’t ask for any documentation and deferred me to the February 2022 window.

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