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Confusion in Deferral Policy

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        Hello i am confused after refering Deferal Policy

        CFAI have issued Deferral Policy but in that they have allow one re-registration for Non Standard Deferral and that also not sooner than 9 months i.e for feb 22 students it will be Nov 22. And i have also read somewhere that you can give your Deferred exam with 12 months So is there any other Attempt available to Feb 22 students means whether they can give exam in Aug 22 or in Feb 23??

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          I’m not sure what your specific question is.

          As a rule, CFA Institute do not allow deferrals. However, due to exceptional circumstances (lockdowns, catching COVID, death in family, etc) they may grant a deferral. Usually when this deferral is granted, CFA Institute will let you know what the restrictions are and when you have to register for your deferred exam session.

          Hope that helps!

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